5 Reasons Paddle-boarding is AWESOME

1. Mental Wellbeing

2020 was a testing year for everybody’s mental health. Stress and anxiety levels have been at an all time high for many of us. SUP’ing can help you to relax, learn something new and have some much needed fun. Studies have shown that spending time on the water getting your dose of ‘vitamin sea’ reduces stress and anxiety and gives an overall sense of enhanced wellbeing. So take to the water and leave the woes of land behind.

2. Exploring

Since you can SUP on the sea, lakes, rivers or any body of water, this activity can be done anywhere. SUP’ing will bring out your inner explorer when you want to seek new SUP spots (check out our other blog post!). The best thing is that you will be enjoying all the benefits of being outdoors and sharing experiences with your loved ones. Burning up to 700 calories per SUP, you won’t feel guilty trying out a new pub for lunch on your way home.

3. Core Workout The SUP is a great way to get some exercise. When paddle-boarding the muscle groups central to your build; abdomen, hips, pelvis and spine areas all get a great workout. Your stability, balance and agility will all improve each take time you hit the board. Paddleboarding is great for low impact exercise; it won’t punish the joints the way many sports or activities can do whilst still getting your heart rate going and your muscles working.

4. SUP Yoga SUP yoga is growing activity across the world. The peace and tranquillity of being on the water makes it the perfect time for meditation and reflection. As your strength and balance increase you will feel confident trying a downward dog or happy cat, burning twice as many calories as you would in the yoga studio!

5. Socialising

Whether you hit the water alone you and come across fellow water lovers, meet your mates at the beach for a SUP session, or take the fami