Top 10 Accessible SUP Spots in south-west Wales

We’re halfway through September and you might be thinking about putting your paddle board away until next summer. Well I’m here to tell you that September is actually the perfect time to go paddle boarding!

The weather is a bit cooler but the water is still warm from being heated up all summer, so if you fall in, it won’t feel so bad. September is actually my favourite time of year to paddle board… the sunsets are innnnnsane!

I’ve been paddle boarding for seven years and I’ve had the best experiences – I've seen dolphins, seals, basking sharks, and so many little hidden caves and coves scattered around our beautiful Welsh coastline. Things you just can’t see from the shoreline or land. The buzz you get after a good session on the water having discovered these gems makes you really appreciate life and its simple pleasures.

Below are my favourite places to go around my home turf. They’re easy-to-get-to places for quick hits to get ya SUP on – whether you’re a native Welshy or you’re just visiting.

1. Whitesanda Bay, St Davids

This is my favourite place to paddle board. The water is so blue and clear and there’s so much space to explore in both directions. Launch from Whitesands Bay car park (costs £5 for the day). It takes around 2 minutes walk from car park to beach so it’s super easy to get on the water quickly. The only downside is it can get busy or crowded in the summer, but only really around the surf area with loads of newbies. Once you set off, there are plenty of hidden gems like secluded beaches, coves, caves and the odd dolphin, porpoise or seal to entertain you along the way.

2. Aberavon Beach, Port Talbot

I love this beach as it’s my home, and you know what they say - home is where the heart is. I’m very lucky to live a stone’s throw away from the water so it’s a bit of a brucie bonus.

Launch either from the main beach or the small side near the car park. The smaller side is better for windier days and those of you who are new to it – you’ll be more protected. I love paddling up the river on high tide or just around the pier. It’s easy to park right on the beach so you don’t have to carry your board far before you reach the water. I’ve been super lucky to have seen pods of dolphins just outside the deep water harbour end of the pier whilst out paddle boarding. I sat there on my board and placed my feet in the water to see whether they’d come to investigate and was amazed that they swam around me and wanted to play (not sure if it was my feet they liked or my taste in music that I was playing). It’s well worth a paddle out takes about 10-15 minutes from shore to harbour.

3. Blue Lagoon, Pembrokeshire