Updated: Apr 12, 2021

This is a short story written by one of my close friends who recently discovered the love of the ocean. Written by Joanne Rees.

Today was my 16th cold water sea dip!

It was bitting cold without the sun blazing down, that aside it was still SO much fun!

So many people have asked me “why do you do it?” or “are you mental?”

Well here’s the answer:

Since starting to dip, I have fallen back in love with our beach. The mindfulness and calm I feel whilst in the water compares to nothing else. Now this may sound hippiesque, but it’s woken a spiritual side of me that truly appreciates the beauty in nature that surrounds us.

I’ve noticed a significant improvement with my mental health. I am more calm and less snappy- so maybe yes, I was a little crazy before I started but aren’t we all? It comes hand in hand with being a mother, working full time, lockdown and the daily pressures that we all get lol.

The time away from it all- even if its only 10 mins in the water, it is just for me- it’s like hitting a reset button.

I also have two long term health conditions which will always be there. Peripheral Neuropathy and Type 1 Diabetes. The peripheral neuropathy is much better - the burning pins and needles in my hands and feet through the night and mornings is milder. Plus this morning I’ve had an amazing check up with my Diatetes consultant who is happy with the improvement in my bloods and that I am losing weight!

Another awesome benefit is the water confidence I have gained back. I’m learning to bodyboard, got a paddleboard (and actually stood up on one for the first time today!) plus have a surfing lesson booked for my birthday! Plus I have signed up for the Diabetes UK Swim22 Challenge to raise money towards research and spread awareness for this condition that affects so very many people.

Along the way I have also made some fabulous new friends who also share the same passion and also keep an eye on me to make sure I’m ok and will be forever thankful ❤️

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If your keen to try cold water dipping out now the months are set to warmer why not get involved and contact us.